Amazon Prime Video Ads

I knew Amazon was going to introduce ads into prime video. I didnt like it, but sorta forgot about it for a bit.  Part of the reason is I just don’t use it enough. It’s always been sort of an added benefit since I subscribe to Amazon prime. But last night I finally got the ads notification after deciding to catch up on a show I like, Invincible.

I’ve been thinking about cancelling prime for a while. It started when I ordered something from my mother’s Amazon account. She doesn’t have prime, and I figured it was ok to wait a bit longer to get the item. It took about 2.5 weeks to receive the item. It got to a point where we forgot about it because it took so long. First world problem, I know.

Standard shipping for other e-commerce sites maybe takes 7 days. Pushing damn year 3 weeks on Amazon because you don’t have prime? That was a conscious choice they made. They shipped it from California to NYC on purpose to make us feel pain in the hopes we subscribe to prime for 2-3 days shipping.

Amazon… screw you.

I will be cancelling prime of course. We do use it regularly to get certain things. I have a feeling it’ll hurt at first. But it’ll certainly be worth it.

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