Hello World!

April 21, 2021 | General

I can't believe how long I've put this off for. My original website was very outdated, and I've just been too busy with life to really re-do it.

"But Andy, setting up a blog is easy. You have Wordpress, Ghost, Jekyll, Hugo.".

Ahh, yes. Those are all great blogging platforms that get you up an running quickly. I've used Wordpress of course. And Hugo was very interesting. But if I don't build it myself it just isn't the same. What's the point of having all this power to create things and not use it for a measly blog? Besides, each platform has strengths and weaknesses. I opted for a slow build approach in order to customize this blog to my needs.

So here it is. It ain't much, but it has only what I need. I decided for a simple dark mode blog so it's easier on the eyes. I don't need to jump through hoops to get things set up how I want it. And more importantly I own my own platform. No one gets to license what I post without my express permission. I don't have to worry about trackers and the like. It's mine.

That last piece, it being mine is particularly important. I won't go into it in this post. That'll be for a later post. But the gist is, I don't post on social media. It'd be nice to have an outlet to express my thoughts and opinions now that I am not really doing so on any mainstream platform. Very exciting.