Frequently Asked Recruiter Questions

As the name suggests, these are the most frequently asked questions I get from recruiters. Rather than talk about the boilerplate with every recruiter, its all here. This way we can skip to the good stuff :).

I am primarily looking for mid-level Android or Ruby on Rails full-time positions. General software engineering positions work as well. I like working on different things. But I would also be interested in freelance projects. How can I help solve any problems potential clients may be having? Lets talk about it.

Ideally I am looking for a startup. In terms of culture, this best fits me. What culture is this? A company with easy/open channels of communication, fosters entrepreneurial spirit, flexible hours, contributes to open source as part of the job, works on innovative technologies, opportunities for professional growth, and has a close-knit group of peers.

Of course, this doesn't mean I am opposed to bigger companies. As long as some of the above still applies I would be interested.

Not at this time. I love NYC.

Unfortunately not. Email is best for me.

My current salary is unfortunately unknown even to me. So I cannot disclose that. Crazy, I know.

I'd like to be making x amount of dollars. Where x = the market rate for the job I will be doing. Do you need a number to move forward? 1 million dollars. Mwahaha. Does the form need a number? You can put 1 dollar.