Hi, my name is Andy.

I am a Software Developer based in beautiful New York City.

Work Experience

June 2013 to Present

Software Engineer @ Moofwd Inc.

  • Ruby on Rails lead developer.
  • Assisted the Moofwd India team in hiring Ruby on Rails developers.
  • Developed an Android app from start to finish as well as work on features and bug fixes for existing client apps.
  • Worked on the core Moofwd proprietary code generation platform for Android and Firefox OS.
  • Aided in the UI design of the Moofwd proprietary code generation platform using the Java FX framework.
  • Practiced the agile methodology in order to quickly and efficiently build our client's products.

Notable Projects

@ Moofwd

CommuniK8: Service that allows teachers to communicate with the parents more effectively.

  • Principal Ruby on Rails developer tasked with starting and releasing CommuniK8.io.
  • Architected the Ruby on Rails web app hosted on Amazon Web Services using a MySQL database.
  • Utilized bootstrap to speed up the front-end design.
  • Leveraged preprocessors and optimizations provided by Rails in order to speed up the web app load times and bandwidth usage.
  • Developed and maintaned the API in order to expose the necessary model data for the companion Android and iOS apps.

@ Moofwd

Photoglassic Memory: Google glass app to help you remember anything through photos.

@ College

Electric Flurry: Built an Android app prototype for a company called Electric Flurry in my Software Engineering course.

  • Led the team in the software design of the Android app through UML and workflow diagrams.
  • Created the SQLite helper classes to be used by the team.
  • Tasked with integrating the Foursquare and Facebook API into our app.
  • Created a Java EE 6 powered API in an AWS instance in order to connect with our app in order to provide some networking functionality, like signing up, and voting.
  • Links: Project Source.

@ College

Unihub: Developed a Java EE 6 college craigslist web application with 3 other group members in my web services course.

  • Learned Java EE 6 concepts, like WAR packaging, Java Beans, and JSPs while using JBOSS.
  • Created the user authentication system and helper methods to be used throughout the web app.
  • Configured project to connect to a MySQL database.
  • Utilized Maven to structure and build our project for deployment.
  • Links: Project Source.


August 2008 to May 2013

State University of New York College at Oswego
Bachelor of Arts in Public Justice, Minor in Forensic Science

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About Me

Back in '09 while attending SUNY Oswego, fully intending to go to law school I decided to take an intro computer science course. I crushed it and was hooked (There goes law school). Ever since then all I can think about is solving problems using computers. I hope to change the world one day. Until then I will be hacking away.